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Save months of work with easily customizable, fully automatized, and highly precise software developed by scientists for scientists.

We also provide:

• integrated solutions for cells (or other structures) area precise measurements, and statistics
• precise quantification of cell communication (connecting or touching) on different timepoints
• cell phenotype detection
• other quantitative parameters distinguishing cells as young or old, and living or dead cells.

WHY CHOOSE KARMENscience for your life science research?

  • KARMENscience develops fully automated scripts covering all image analysis needs of your research that give you results fast – in a few hours or days.
  • Instead of manually clicking, cutting, and loading image by image, installing preprocessing software, and dealing with plugins – simply upload your images to our system and download the reports containing highly precise and nicely organized results.

Compared to other solutions, KARMENscience is faster, more accurate, and easier to use.


BLUEstim is a research tool for deep brain stimulation (DBS)

BLUEstim is a prototype of novel external pulse shape stimulator and recorder, using the same electrode to stimulate and to record for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) research.


Bedalov d.o.o. is a partner on a project “DBS Select” funded by the European Institute of Technology – Health division (EIT Health). Our company is responsible for the development of the BLUEstim, novel, external pulse shape stimulator, and recorder for deep brain stimulation research. Project “DBS Select” seeks to validate novel technologies designed to improve Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) neuromodulation therapy, which uses electrical impulses to help patients with movement disorders.

By showing the effectiveness of technologies to control the time and location of brain stimulation more precisely, as well as by educating patients, the project can increase the market penetration of this well-developed innovation. LINK -> DBS Select @ EIT Health

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