About us


We believe that medical bionics research brings dignity and well being back to people’s lives!

Bedalov d.o.o. – for R&D and consulting – led by Ana Bedalov, CEO, physicist and researcher with post-graduation training in Germany (FSU Jena) and Belgium ( KU Leuven) she has obtained several scientific and technological projects in the fields of image processing, signal processing, interfaces in medical bionics and has a rich experience consulting in writing scientific and R&D proposals and educational / Training programs in the field of STEM.

Bedalov d.o.o. is a member of „IRI cluster” – science and technology platform for coherent technology transfer, exchange of experiences and resource sharing between science institutions and industry.


*for each airplane business flight, once a year,  our employees plant a tree on Dalmatian karst areas affected by fires.